Your Vibe, Your Tribe

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This year begins with Good Coffee and Good Vibes!
Sharing my latest work for Bean Bar, a “Tribe” created for the troublemakers, the game changers, the outsiders, the go-getters…

the ones who dare to stand out. This is the result of a challenging – yet exhilarating – project, that had us all vibing since day one! The need to break down barriers, lay solid foundations of a modern brand and design powerful and meaningful images, was the drive to step our game up. After all, a progressive visual identity is only created, when open-minded people get together, therefore; here’s to our friends over at Bean Bar! 🫡

You can’t do extraordinary work with basic people, so here’s a HUGE thank you to my kind of “Tribe”… My innovative, restless and forward-thinking Creative and Technical team and of course, my power house, Semio Productions, who’s unparalleled ambition led to another flawless and mind-blowing production!
Join the Tribe! 😉

Check it out here Your Vibe, Your Tribe


Directed by Paris El-Said
Executive Producer: Pavlos Neocleous
Executive Producer: Alexia Makrides
DoP: Sofronis Sofroniou
Production Manager: Christiana Kafaridou
Unit Manager: Alexia Alexandrou
Production Coordinator: Elena Asaelof
Art Director: Christy Polydorou
Stylist: Notis Panayiotou & Andrea Hadjinicola
Make Up: Stephanie Panayi
Casting: SEMIO Casting & CAST Agency
Post Production Coordinator: Tony Sorokos
Editing & Sound Design: George Panteli
Color Grading: Connie Constantinou
Production Company: SEMIO Productions


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