The Realization Moment

I’m excited to share a series of commercials we created for Eurolife, centered around the powerful theme of realization moment. Each commercial captures a pivotal moment of realization in our characters’ lives, reflecting the importance of insurance in safeguarding these precious times.
The commitment to creating something meaningful with high technical and cinematic value was evident throughout the entire process. Our professional team poured their hearts into every detail, ensuring each scene was both visually stunning and emotionally resonant. The demanding process was a true labor of love, filled with both challenges and joy. The end result is a series of commercials that not only tell compelling stories but also highlight the significance of being prepared for life’s unexpected moments.

Check them out here:
 The Future Smiles
New Beginnings


Director: Paris El-Said
Director of Photography: Sofronis SofroniouExecutive Producers: Pavlos Neocleous & Alexia Makrides
Producer: Elena Asaelof
Production Coordinator: Fotini Tsakiri
Unit Manager: Alexia Alexandrou
Art Director: Christy Polydorou
Styling: Joanna Syrimi
Casting Director: Julia Constantinou / CAST AGENCY
Makeup Artist: Elli Nicolaidou
Hair Stylist: Svetlana Coada
Colourist: Connie Constantinou
Production Company: SEMIO Productions


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