The Holiday Mishaps🎄

🎄✨ Guess who’s trying to be the holiday hero in the house this year? 🤪 Meet our little Christmas rascal – attempting to decorate the tree, cook a turkey (with questionable results), whip up sweets that may or may not resemble to cookies and tackle the art of gift wrapping. 🎁🦃

🎅🏻 Let’s just say, he’s not exactly the North Pole’s top recruit, but hey… effort counts, right? 😂 Luckily, he’s got Mom to swoop in and save the day, turning chaos into Christmas magic! 

🌟Moral of the story: Even if your Christmas prep feels like a comedy sketch, it’s all good! Alphamega Hypermarkets make sure the season stays merry and bright. 🎄🛒

🎬 Here’s a massive thanks to my awesome team and Semio Productions for going all in and giving it their absolute best! 🫶

📺 So… grab your cozy blanket, watch the commercial and get ready for a jolly good time! 🎉 

Who knew holiday mishaps, could be this entertaining? 🤷‍♂️😂

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Director: Paris El-Said
Executive Producers: Pavlos Neocleous
Executive Producers: Alexia Makrides
DoP: Sofronis Sofroniou
Producer: Christiana Kafaridou
Art Director: Sossee Eskidjian
Stylist: Andrea Hadjinicola
Make Up: Stephani Panayi
Post Production: Semio Post
Color Grading: Andrei Gordeev
Production Co: SEMIO Productions


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