The Answer Is… CASINO 🇫🇷

Get ready to enjoy CASINO’s latest commercial!  This vibrant spot features cool protagonists, modern styling, and the cutest dog ever. 🐶 It’s all about capturing those feel-good vibes and bringing a smile to your face. 😊

Every frame pops with dynamic colors creating a French Gen Z mise-en-scene. 🎨 The commercial perfectly embodies the lively spirit of CASINO. The adorable dog steals the show, adding a heartwarming touch to the commercial. Whether sharing playful moments with the protagonists or simply being its charming self, this furry friend brings extra delight. 🐾

This commercial resulted from meticulous preparation and fantastic collaboration. SEMIO Productions, known as the best production company on the island, poured their heart and soul into bringing this vision to life. 🎬  Their expertise and creativity were crucial in making this project shine.

A huge thank you to CASINO’s team for their unwavering trust and support throughout the entire process. 🙏 Their belief in the creative vision allowed for a fantastic result that truly captures the essence of their brand. 

Remember! The answer is always… CASINO! 🎯✨

Check it out here: The Answer Is… CASINO!!

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Director: Paris El-Said
Director of Photography: Sofronis Sofroniou
Executive Director: Pavlos Neocleous
Executive Producer: Alexia Makrides
Production Manager: Christiana Kafaridou
Production Coordinator: Fotini Tsakiri
Unit Manager: Alexia Alexandrou
Art Director: Christy Polydorou
Styling: Joanna Syrimi
Casting Director: Julia Constantinou / CAST AGENCY
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Panagi
Hair Stylist: Charalambos Flouris
Steadicam Operator: Michalis Tsimperopoulos
Post-Production Manager: Marilena Karkamboulia
Compositing & Motion Graphics: Connie Constantinou
Colourist: Andrei Gordeev
Production Company: SEMIO Productions


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