Long Live Cablenet 👑

🎺  Get Ready for an Internet Experience Like No Other! 

Hold onto your crowns, because Cablenet, the Leading Internet Provider of Cyprus, is rolling out a brand-new campaign packed with enthusiasm, excitement, and…grandness! Introducing Maximus, the embodiment of everything Cablenet stands for – bringing the MAX to your internet experience!

Maximus, portrayed by the incredibly talented Greek actor Lefteris Eleftheriou, joins forces with the charismatic Cleopandrea (yes, Cleopandrea!), a witty Cypriot sportswriter, to showcase the crème de la crème of Cablenet’s offerings. Together, they highlight all the reasons why Cablenet reigns supreme in the internet kingdom, making sure this campaign leaves an unforgettable impression.

This magnificent production was filmed in the prestigious Nu Boyana Film Studios in Bulgaria, where the magic truly came to life. We were honored to work alongside a multitude of talented artisans and, of course, our creatives at 4WiseMonkeys. A special round of applause for Semio Productions, who poured their hearts and souls into crafting this unforgettable masterpiece!

So, prepare yourselves for a royal treat as Maximus and Cleopandrea take you on a fun-filled journey through the realms of top-notch services. Experience the magic of Cablenet through this fun series of commercials!

Long live awesome internet! Long live Cablenet! 👑 ✨

Check them out here:
Cablenet Mobile
Cablenet Internet
Cablenet TV
Cablenet Trade In


Director: Paris El-Said
Director of Photography: Thodoris Zacharakis
Executive Director: Pavlos Neocleous
Executive Producer: Alexia Makrides
Production Manager: Christiana Kafaridou
Art Director: Maria Vasileva
Styling: Hristina Krumova
Makeup Artist: Nikola Ivanov
Hair Stylist: Liubomir Petkov
Post-Production Manager: Marilena Karkamboulia
Senior Editor: George Panteli
Colourist: Connie Constantinou
Production Company: SEMIO Productions


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