paris el-said

/ˈpærɪs - ɛl - saɪ:d/



Paris El-Said is an acclaimed filmmaker renowned for his unique cinematic style and creative process. With over a decade of experience directing commercials for prestigious clients, he has established himself as a highly sought-after director. His ability to execute top-tier projects with demanding visual skills, has earned him numerous awards. He effortlessly juggles complex technical work, while still eliciting exceptional performances from his cast and crew. Paris’ work transcends the subject matter, imbuing each project with heart, soul and cinematic beauty.


“Every frame, every shot, every angle has its own power and when you discover it, you can attribute it with excellence.
It’s a matter of perspective… isn’t everything?”

Awards & Nominations

A Sip Of History
LIT Film – Gold Award –  Best Male Director

LIT Film – Platinum Award –  Best Commercial
Berlin Commercial Awards – Best Director Nomination

Your Vibe, Your Tribe
LIT Film – Winner of the Year – Best Commercial
LIT Film – Platinum Award – Best Director
Berlin Commercial Awards – Best Director Nomination

Stranger Than Strange
Carob Awards – Silver Award – Best Director


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McCafé x McDonalds

Alphamega Hypermarkets

Alphamega Hypermarkets